K.A.R.M.A Resources is happy to announce that we are now a reseller for Astro-Cards books, booklets & products. These are all new products except where stated otherwise. You can place your orders below, or read more about each item by clicking on the product link or the details button. If you wish to order multiple copies of items in bulk, wish to order more than one item and combined shipping (may be possible), or wish to expedite shipping (most products include media mailing only), please contact me *before* placing your order. Please note that product covers are subject to change and availability, so colors of the covers may vary. Thank you!

Books and Booklets


[AC: 0] Readings Pamphlet $2.00

[AC: 1] Mini-Spreads Set (5" x 7" x 1") ***DUE SOON***

[AC: 3] Cards & Letters/Trees & Tribes $4.00

[AC: 4] The Calendar & Its Cycles ***DUE SOON***

[AC: 5] The Day & Its Divisions $30.00

[AC: 6] Age Cycles & Planetary Periods ***DUE SOON***

[AC: 9] Aspects $6.00

[AC: 12] Planetary Rulers $6.00

[AC-Q.SET] Astro-Cards Quarterly Newsletters. Complete set of 14 issues [0-13] $22.00

[AD: 1] Day-Cards & Astro-Degrees $52.00

[AR: 1] Symbolism $30.00

[AR: 6] Astrology and the Cards $9.00

[AR: 7] Mystic Thesaurus/Occultism Simplified $9.00

[AR: 9] Temple Lectures (Pt 1 and 2) $26.00

[AR: 10] Articles on the Order of the Magi (2nd ed) $25.00

[AR: 11] Mystic Test Book (6th ed) $40.00

[AR: 12] Card Interpretations (from Mystic Test Book) $9.00

[PC: 1] Personal Year Planetary Rulers and Cards Calendar $25

[SS: 7] Magian Cardology Readings Spreads w/ Expl. Text + Cycles Date Tables $15.00

[SS: 8BK] Magian Cardology Card Chart Tables $36.00

[SS: 8CD] Magian Cardology Card Chart Tables - CD version $13.00

[SS: 8T] Age Cycle Cards $4.00

[SS: 10] Planetary Squares $6.00