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About Us

We are dedicated to providing you knowledge, paths to awareness, relationship understanding and helps, motivation, and avenues of action to help you shape and change your life and destiny... things you need to help you achieve your pursuit of personal happiness.

We're a company that is actively dedicated to helping singles and couples alike, to make connections. For the singles, we know it's difficult to meet single people, so we are striving to make it easier. You'll have the opportunity to get to know the person you are and what you need so that you can make improved relationship choices.

We are dedicated to helping couples make and improve their connections. We know it can be difficult at times to keep the fire and romance going in your relationship. We provide great ideas on how to help your relationship, and help to make a great relationship even better. And as always, we openly welcome your submissions for articles, evaluations, music, inspirational quotes, and relationship tips. After all, we are here to be a resource to help everyone grow, develop and attain their own personal journey of spirituality and love.

Our company employs cartomancy, The Science of the Sacred Cards, to provide you additional information regarding the dynamics of your relationships and a better understanding of yourself and your significant other. See our Love Cards section for more information or e-mail us at for general information. Visit our page for book pricing and contact information to Astro-Cards (Iain McLaren-Owens) for great Card Study Books at great prices. Iain's been involved with the Cards since 1975 and is a leading researcher in the field. Please feel free to download the free Cards software written by Robert Camp found on our Free Stuff section along with other freebies including other astrology, numerology and cartomancy software. If there is a software submission you would like to contribute or make us aware of, please email us.

We now have lesson plans available to help you learn how to read the Sacred Cards. This card system is a wonderful tool in helping you to improve your understanding of yourself and others and realize that you have control of your own destiny and the opportunity to invite Love into your life.

Within this site you will find:

Our resources center Inscape which includes articles, resources, herbal helps, love tips, self evaluations, inspirational quotes and articles about the Sacred Cards and self help.

Destiny and Love Cards which includes our Love and Destiny Sacred Card Products and cartomancy information. Now really understand the dynamics between you and others.

Love and Dating Resources for our relationship needs. Team this with our Single and Dating Flash Cards, other Card Readings, self helps, or Card training and know more about yourself and your potential other. This section includes helpful relationship tips, talks about various aspects of relationships, helps to discover the relationship you've always dreamed of, a sharing of funny, romantic and inspiring stories of Love, lust, mayhem and more...

Free Stuff for everyone. You will also find a FREE Love Cards software download, send free electronic greeting cards (e-cards), free MP3s and much more.

Music written, produced and recorded by Deborah R. Lowrey.

Products See how the Sacred Cards can help you. Sign up for training classes to learn for yourself or order a reading. Find out why people get excited and are amazed by this system.

Links Link to Us or request leaving your link. We always are looking for additional self help and spiritual growth links.

Contact Us Please feel free to contact us. Your privacy is always safeguarded and important to us. Send an email just to say Hi or ask a question.

Learn about why our company was started and about what our company is all about in a letter from Deborah.

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