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FAQ about the Sacred Cards

What are the Sacred Cards?

The Sacred Cards is a very old system pre-dating ancient Egyptian times. There are many different names for this system including the Gypsy Bible, Love Cards, Destiny Cards, Sacred Symbols of the Ancients, cartomancy, Atlantean Oracles, Book of Thoth, Ancient Symbolic Astrology System, Cardology, Mystic Quadrate System, the Secrets of the Magi of Chaldea, Sacred Cards, and more. The name itself is really unimportant. What is important is that the system is a tool to open the pathway for Love to come into our life and be expressed.

What is the Birth Card?

The Birth Card tells us what we started with, what we tend to focus on, the path we need to feel loved and fulfilled, what is most important to us and the kind of personal relationships that are the greatest opportunities for Love to bring us all that we have ever wanted and needed.

What is the Life Expression Card?

This is also known as our Planetary Ruling Card. It is how we express our birth card. Our birth card can represent learning about partnerships, but the LE card tells in what way we go about it. This card is a flexible card. We choose when, if and how much we express and act out of this card. I.E. the 5 of spades as a PR could mean that there are times and moments that you could turn up the sexy charm and wow the socks off of someone that you may want to get to know better. Other times, you don't mind and even like being invisible and it gives you the opportunity to really listen to others and learn something new.

Why are both the Birth and the Life Expression Cards important in doing a reading or understanding a relationship (with myself or another)?

Love has invited us to the greatest banquet of all. We each bring our own dish to share with Love and others. The birth card is likened to the ingredients to make that meal. The LE is how and in what way or style we make and prepare the meal. The birth card may be chicken, but the LE will season, flavor and prepare that chicken into Chicken Kiev, Cordon Bleu, Thai-Style Chicken Stir Fry or Country-Fried Chicken or numerous other varieties of chicken entrees.

There are times that we need to clarify what ingredients we have, the reason for those ingredients, the importance of the meal. This is when information about the birth card is important. But there are other times that we need more options in how to create the meal, get familiar with different spices, flavorings, and the variety of recipes available to us. Sometimes a cookbook is helpful in making something wonderful that we'd never thought of before. When we understand what we need to do but not sure how to go about it or the options available to us, this is when information about the LE card is important.

Just raw chicken is not enough. Just the spices and flavorings alone are not a meal. It is the blending and the preparation of the two that makes the meal special. Understanding the balance of your Birth Card and LE Card together is important in making your understanding of your life, special, whole and fulfilling.

How did you learn about this system?

I discovered the system by accident and tried to actively debunk it. Instead, I found a very accurate system that lead me deeper and further on my path and journey of Love. I found I could not deny its importance as a personal tool for self-help and understanding. I discovered that it taught me not only how to understand others, but to accept and see them as Love does, with forgiveness, Love, compassion and more. The Cards have served as a valuable Love tool for myself, those around me and those I have had the honor of uniting in Love to provide them a reading.

How are the Sacred Cards different from astrology, numerology or other forms of fortune-telling?

The Sacred Cards are a combination of astrology, numerology, and psychology.

I had personally found traditional astrology complicated, confusing. There are so many aspects to keep track of, time-consuming to make a chart, that I got very frustrated and was difficult for me to use as a personal tool.

Numerology as well as astrology had many people using different versions and types that it was difficult to decipher what to use. Numerology seemed to not delve deep enough to answer many questions and seemed to have me asking still more questions.

I've always been interested in psychology. But I found many things lacking. I tired of every time someone acted out in bad behavior, refused to resolve their problems, that the psychologists (and psychiatrists) would make a new diagnosis of some newly discovered mental illness. There are some psychologists (psychiatrists) that seem to act as though no one is responsible for their own actions, thoughts, and Karma. This is not to say that this is true of all mental illness because there are some true physical and chemical imbalances. Just as we all experience human limitations, it does not mean that we are all disabled.

So astrology, numerology and psychology as separate units did not answer my questions or provide any help in my life. But with the Sacred Cards I found a trinity, a balance of all three, and I'd found answers to my many questions, and assistance in helping me and others along the path of Love.

As far as fortune-telling, believe it or not, I don't believe that things are written in stone and are unchangeable. Love has taught me that I am the one who decides my destiny. The Cards, with Love, show me the opportunities I have available to accept or refuse. We always have the choice.

Why do you use the Sacred Cards? Why not use Tarot?

The Sacred Cards contain information about what we started with, the life that we really want, the love that we really need. It is very thorough in helping us understand not only the big things, but the little things as well. I do use Tarot but only for a specific question that needs clarification. I've found that doing a Love or Destiny reading, then a Tarot reading, works best in getting the information that is most helpful for a specific question. I am not saying that you should not look into Tarot or other metaphysical tools, they are all important, beneficial and helpful. We all have different paths and gifts of the spirit and a tool that works for you, may not work for me. It is about the path that we walk, not if we use a cane or walk with someone, or travel alone. The journey is different for us all, but the destination is one in the same, the pathway to Love. Choose the tool that brings you closer and provides a nursery for Love to grow.

What do you mean by low-side and high-side aspects of each card?

Low-side and High-side should not be confused with good and bad. Low-side means those things that we may have problems with, stumble on, things in which we get confused with or are obstacles that we need to learn from and get past. We all have a low-side in different areas, at different times for different moments. The Low-side is often the time that we are our own worst enemy and cause problems for ourselves. Remember that Love is always with us and ready to help the moment we need it. We have the choice to chose for or against Love's help, protection, guidance, etc. We express the low-side when we are at odds with ourself, refusing Love's assistance, or focusing on the mundane instead of our true spiritual nature. High-side means that we are learning our lessons, are open to Love and the lessons we need to learn to be truly happy and fulfilled. High-side means we are expressing our spiritual evolvement and sharing Love as Love has shared with us.

Will your readings reveal bad things about me? I'm afraid and not sure if I want to hear what you will tell me.

I've heard this a lot. Love lets me see you in the way in which Love sees you. There is no condemnation, no 'I'm going to get you', no angry, mean, uncaring parent, no vendetta, etc. How Love shows me is exactly what I experienced in my life review when I had my near-death experience; I see, hear, feel, and spiritually sense Love's adoration for you with true Love, forgiveness, and compassion. I share what Love wants me to share to help you realize that Love is your first love, your protector, your loving parent, your personal cheerleader. Love wants only to fulfill Love in your life and with everything, others, nature, etc. It's all connected and we are all connected. I will share affirmations to help encourage you in Love and provide information to you to get the most out of the options available to you. You, in the end, have the wonderful opportunity to choose your own personal and intimate path/journey with Love. I, nor anyone else, has the power to transform your life or make your choices. You, and you alone, have this awesome opportunity to create and change, how ever you want, all that you are.

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