Astro-Cards Reprint Book AR:12 Card Interpretations from the Mystic Test Book

[AR: 12] Card Interpretations (from the Mystic Test Book) $9.00

ar12This special re-typeset edition has been created for those students of Olney H. Richmond's Mystic Test Book who have had difficulties in finding this material, as much of it has been hidden within a mass of complicated text and is hard to locate. This work contains all the Card interpretations as found on the even-numbered pages 76-178, plus all of Richmond's comments about the actual card meanings found scattered throughout the entire work. Also, each of the Normal Spreads as found on the odd-numbered pages 77-179, have been reproduced in their entirety, and published in this convenient format for easy use, functionality and portability. The entire edition of Olney H. Richmond's Mystic Test Book has been republished by this author/publisher, annotated with copious footnotes plus many explanatory comments and various appendices, an Astro-Cards Reprint - AR:11.


Table of Contents

Publisher's Statement
Publisher's Preface
The Suits and Planets
The Numbers & Specific Cards
Individual Card Delineations



Astrology / Cards : AR:12
ISBN : 1-885500-17-3
Dimensions: 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"
© 1996
Published by Astro-Cards Enterprises


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