Love & Relationship Tips

Did you immediately think about your significant other, lover, or envision the partner you would like? Did you know that every interaction no matter the title or length of time is also a relationship?

Whether you realize it or not, you have a relationship with your co-workers and even your boss. (I know, *groan*). Even strangers you meet daily, have a relationship with you. And as with every relationship, there is Karma. Your intentions, your thoughts, your actions, your decisions, even in inaction or indifference, are all karmic.

So this love tips section is dedicated to helping remind you of the little things, to bring to consciousness everything that is going on around you, and how to help improve the dynamics of the relationships going on within and around you.


Our Love Relationships
Destructive Relationship Tips
Our Self Relationship
Your Boss
Your Child
Your Animals



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