Astro-Cards Book SS:7 Magian Cardology Readings Spreads with Explanatory Text + Cycles Date Tables

[SS: 7] Magian Cardology Readings Spreads with Explanatory Text + Cycles Date Tables $15.00

ss7This book is focusedmore on the technological side of the Spreads. Includes the Spreads in a format using the three Cards per Spread position style layout for the 90 Spreads (PS, LS and AS) - concept originated by JoeJacobs, how to read the Spreads, understanding the Universal Spread and special Nth root formula, hypothetical lay-outs for revising the Spreads, and the Calendar Cycles + Tables. pp.185
***The next volume in this series will cover the interpretational side of the symbols involved in the Magian Cards System. Soon to be available.***


Table of Contents

The Spreads
Reading the Spreads
The Complete Set of Quadrated Spreads
The Universal Spread
Revising the Spreads
The Calendar Cycles



Astrology / Cards : SS7
ISBN : 1-885500-21-1
© 1994 / Revised 2004
Author : Iain McLaren-Owens
Published by Astro-Cards Enterprises


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