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ac5This is the first book of a 3-Part Series on Advanced Magian CardologyStudies. The Day & Its Divisions has three copyright free worksheets in the back for Time Cards Natal, Time Cards Relocation Worksheet by Method 1, and Time Cards Relocation Worksheet by Method2. Additionally, it also includes a separate Work Book of 24 pages which contains just the Tables required and calculation instructions for easy reference and speedy figuring.
The first section introduces the Hour and Minute Cards, as used in the past, and presented in pre-prepared Tables which reduces the need to use a lot of math. With this we now have theDay-Card from the Calendar, plus the Long-term-continuity Hour Card and the Snap-decision-making Minute Card, which, when all three are combined, produce a brand-new Personal I.D. Card - a special,one of a kind, virtually unique symbol that no other with your birth date will have. This is especially important with the birth of twins, triplets or more, being born in sequence, but all with thesame Day-Card, but different Time Cards to help explain their differences. Additionally, the book explains the various methods of Re-Location and then how this works with the Cards. Why does one feelbetter in one location than in another? The Hour, Minute and resulting I.D. Cards show this quite clearly.
To help the student with this new material, this book provides a final section to the Text with interpretive delineations for the Hour, Minute and I.D. Cards for all 52 Card Symbols. Thefinal part of the book contains Three Appendices: One on Richmond's Normal Spreads and their possible Hour connections; another on Astro-Cartography and how the Cards Chart is inserted on to the Map,and the final one on Locations and their Birth Cards, for examples of Synastry and Composite Re-Location work.


Table of Contents

The Time Calculations
Hour Cards (Original Formula)
Hour Cards (Modern Version)
Minutes Cards (Original Formulae)
Minutes Cards (Modern Version)
Second Cards (Formula Only)
Interpretive Uses for the Hour & Minute Cards
Re-Location Techniques
Delineations of the Time - Cards
Appendix A - Normal Spreads & the Time - Cards
Appendix B - Astro-Cartography & the Cards
Appendix C - Locations & Their Cards
End Pages - Blank Masters (Copyright Free)
1 - Time - Cards Calculations Worksheet
2 - The Relocation Worksheets - Methods #1 & #2 [Page 91]



Astrology / Cards : AC5
ISBN : 1-885500-19-X
© 1994 & 2003
Author : Iain McLaren-Owens
Published by Astro-Cards Enterprises


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