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The Planetary Rulers of the Spreads Squares - How to Use These Squares for Delineating the Birth & Current Year Cards

ss10This work is a study on the Planetary Rulers and their interpretations asrelated to the 52 Squares of the Pure, Life and Age Spreads. These 90 tables not only give us the Birth Chart data but also all the relevant Current Year Chart information. There have been twoprevious versions of these Spreads, the 1893 original by Olney H. Richmond, published in the Mystic Text Book and a 1940's version of Edith L. Randall & Florence Campbell, published inthe Sacred Symbols of the Ancients, both of these versions are briefly introduced and studied in this work. However, the majority of the text in this work is primarily related to theup-dated version as used in the Astro-Cards System. The positions of the Cards on these 90 Spreads represent important interpretational starting-points of reference for the above noted Charts, and assuch, they set the tone for the entire reading.


Table of Contents

The Grand Spread Lines
The 52-Card Natural Spread
The 52-Card Perfect Spread
The 52-Card Pure Spread
Planetary Symbols
Correspondences & Interpretations
Meanings of the Planetary Symbols
Planetary Lines
Combinations & Delineations
Meanings of the Vertical Planetary Columns
Meanings of the Horizontal Planetary Rows
Meanings of the Planetary Squares



Astrology / Cards : SS:10
© 1997
Author : Iain McLaren-Owens
Published by Astro-Cards Enterprises


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