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A Study on the History and Technique Known as "The Cycles of Periodicity" as Related to the Birth Chart Cards, With an Interpretation of Two Different Versions - The 7 x 13-Year Cycles & the13 x 7-Year Cycles

ss8tFor those who do not need the Birth Charts, this work contains only the textsection of the author's Student Series books; Age Cycle Cards Charts - SS:8C & 8L. This study examines the history, the root sources and development of the concept of Age Cycles and their uses,especially as related to the Birth Chart Cards. The first section examines both the Rosicrucian Cycles of Life and the work of Prof. A. F. Seward and his Cycles of Periodicity, which he developedfrom the original mid-19th century material of Prof. J. R. Buchanan, M.D., who was also one of Olney H. Richmond's sources. The second section delineates two different systems for the Age Cycles andour Birth Chart Cards; the first, a 7 Card by 13-Year System based on the work of Arne Lein as developed by Robert Camp. The second, a 13 Card by 7-Year System as developed by the author, based onthe original Astro-Cards System research.


Table of Contents

Age Cycle Cards
"Periodicity" or Critical Years in Human Life According to the Cycles of Destiny By Prof. Seward
How the Cycles Will Likely Influence You According to Periodicity
Lein / Camp: 7 x 13-Year Cycles
Astro-Cards: 13 x 7-Year Cycles



Astrology / Cards : SS:8T
© 1996
Author : Iain McLaren-Owens
Published by Astro-Cards Enterprises


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