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With Astrological & Card Correspondences

ad1This work starts with an examination of the various titles given toour Day-Cards by various authors, following with a study of Calendar Birthday interpretations & then on to the original research into the Day Degrees (the symbolic Degree ruling each day of theyear), for Astrological & Card charts. It then moves into the various Degree Symbolism studies from virtually all known sources. With sections covering Lunar Mansions, Astro-Colors, Traditionaland Medical Degree Data, to note just some. Then it concludes with some facinating Astro-Cards interface techniques with other Astrological Methods, Arabic Parts, etc.

Table of Contents

The Day-Cards & Their Meanings
The Calendar & Birth-Day Titles
The Days & Their Degrees
Degree Symbolism
Degree Data
Medical Degrees
Lunar Mansions
The Earth & Solar System Co-ordinates
Fixed Stars & Celestial Co-ordinates
Constellations & Spatial Co-ordinates
Appendix 1 - How the Day-Cards are Computed
Appendix 2 - Astro-Calendar Degrees & Other Astrological Methods
Appendix 3 - A 13-Month Calendar
Appendix 4 - Arabic Parts or the Astrological Lots



Astrology / Data : AD:1
ISBN : 1-885500-26-2
© 1993-2008
Author : Iain McLaren-Owens
579 pages + a bonus of 36 pages of copyright free blank masters at the back of the book
Published by Astro-Cards Enterprises


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