Astro-Cards Pamphlet AC:12 Planetary Rulers

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The Cards for Our Decanate Rulers + How to Find the Cards for Our Sign & Detriment, Exaltation & Fall Rulers

ac12The first part of this work is a study on the sub-division of Sun-Signs into 3- 10° segments, called Decanates, each with its own Planetary Ruler. For these, the author gives 2 sets of 12 Monthly Tables, with their date-spans and Rulers. One set covers the Traditional data,and the other gives the data used in the Astro-Cards System. The second part of this work is a study on 4 specific cards in our charts that give us a picture of our strengths and weaknesses. These 4astrological points are known collectively as the Dignities and Debilities, and are made up of 2 sets of pairs. The first pair is the Planetary Ruler and its opposite, the Planetary Detriment; thesecond part, the Planetary Exaltation and its opposite, the Planetary Fall. Working from one's Sun-Card, its Sun-Sign and the tables the author has given, you can find the 4 specific Cards in yourChart that represent these important personal points of reference.


Table of Contents

Sun-Signs & Decans
Interpretations & Personality Cards
Monthly Tables
Ancient and Traditional (Expanded)
Mystic and Astro-Cards
Rulers & Detriments, Exaltations & Falls



Astrology / Cards : AC12
Author : Iain McLaren-Owens
© 1997
Published by Astro-Cards Enterprises


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