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A Study on the Interpretations of Playing Cards Symbols as Related to the Celtic Letters & the Tribes of Israel

ac3 thumbnailA study relating the symbolism encoded within our regular playing cards to the hidden meanings of the letters of the Ancient Celtic Alphabet. This study stems from the research of Robert Graves as published in his "The White Goddess." The numbers of the cards being the 13 consonants and the 4 suits plus the joker representing the 5 vowels of the original 18 letter Celtic alphabet. The research of Graves leads us from the meanings of the letters, their relationship to the sacred trees and the ancient calendar that tied them all together. From his other research, we then equate the same symbolism to the ancient tribes of Israel and the various correspondences, with their metals and jewels.


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Table of Contents

Keywords for the Numbers & Suits
The Colors
The Suits
The Numbers
"The White Goddess"
By Robert Graves (1948 - Revised 1966)
The Letters
The Song of Amergin
The Tribes



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