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ar11905 Milton A. Pottenger; Facsimile edition of a rare 1905 Masonic publication. This includes content covering the Symbolism hidden within our regular Playing Cards and the Major Arcana of the Tarot, as equated to Astrology and Numerology with their Esoteric Masonic interpretations. Great study companion for the Mystic Test Book by Olney H. Richmond.

Table of Contents

Editor's Preface by Iain McLaren-Owens giving additional historical information regarding Milton A. Pottenger; Points out how much in Symbolism is related to the "Mystic Test Book" by Olney H. Richmond, and more.
Table of Contents
Chapter I
*A Narrative
Chapter II
Divine Truth
A Search for Truth - To Know Truth One Must Be Truth - What a Symbol Is - How the Ancients by Means of Symbols Have Perpetuated Their Knowledge of Universal Laws - The Church, Freemasonry and the People Each Entrusted with a Duty - Only the People have been True to the Charge - The Bible of the Ancients is To-Day a plaything and Known as a Pack of Playing Cards - The Discovery of America and Development of the United States Precludes the Necessity of Longer Keeping Secret the Real True Nature of This Sacred Book of Symbols - Beauty of Symbolism.
Chapter III
Humanity a Unit
"I and My Father Are One" - "Ye and Me are Brothers" - "If I be Raised Up I Draw All Men Unto Me" - These Quotations from Christ are Simple Truths Applicable to Every One - We are all Saviors; We are all Judases - They are Symbolic Expressions of Laws Operating within Every Person - Every Man a Prophet; Every Man the Fulfillment of a Prophecy - All are Criminals; All are Executioners - Past, Present and Future Blended Into the Eternal Now - The Assassination of Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley Laid at the Door of Humanity's Thought-The United States a Light-Bearer to the World.
Chapter IV
Subject of Symbolism
Nature Itself One Vast Symbol - Masonry and Catholicism Rich Fields in Symbolism for the Mystic Student - Soul, Spirit and Matter Defined - The Christian Cross in Symbolism a Picture of the Male Organ - The Circle and Square a Picture of the Female Organ - How Humanity Unconsciously is Perpetuating the Old Phallic Religion - The Bible Account of Noah's Ark and the Two Pillars of Masonry Shown to be a Kindergarten Story of the Perpetuation of the Animal Species Through the Blending of the Sexes.
Chapter V
Tarot of the Bohemians
Chapter VI
The Divine Language of the Pack of Playing Cards -
As a Record of God's Sacred and Inspired Word Its Authenticity is Second to None other, Being Written in a Language Universal, Dealing with the Laws of Soul, Spirit and Body - The Four Suits as Emblems Refer to the Four Elements in Nature: Fire, Earth, Air and Water - The Diamond the Cross of Christ; The Spade, an Acorn; The Heart, a Flame of Fire; The Club, a Clover Leaf - The Four Kings Symbols of Life and Death.
Chapter VII
Woman a Ruler as Well as Man -
Her Power to Rule Being the Law of Conception - The Four Jacks Symbols of the Neuter Element in Matter - Also Symbolism of the Soul, Conscience and Christ Principle - The Attitude of the Court Cards Show a Desire for the Principle Symbolized by the Suit.
Chapter VIII
King Solomon's Temple and the Human Body One and the Same -
Diseases of Women the Result of Amorous Thoughts Directed Toward Them by Men - The Women of America have Recognized this Law and and by Resolution have Declared Against It - Consideration of the Individual Cards - King of Diamonds - King of Spades - King of Hearts - King of Clubs - The King of Clubs Wears Upon His Breast the Ancient Badge of a Fee and Accepted Mason.
Chapter IX
The Knave, Politician, Christ and the Conscience All One and the Same -
Jack of Diamonds, in Sign of Libra, Symbol of the Soul in Its First Embodiments; Also Symbol of the Masonic Candidate - Jack of Spades, in Sign Capricorn, Symbol of the Advancement made by the Candidate - The Origin of the Expression, "Riding the Goat" - Overcoming Death - Jack of Hearts, in Sign Aries, Teaches the Same Lesson as the Grand Degree of the Royal Arch - When Divine Love is Made a Mercantile Commodity It Brings Death to the Vendor - Jack of Clubs, in Sign Cancer, the Candidate Makes the Grand Discovery.
Chapter X
The Four Queens -
The Flowers Carried by them Symbolize the Nine Months of Gestation, the Twelve Months of the Year, the Signs of the Zodiac, Etc. - Queen of Spades, Symbol of Death and Resurrection - The Queen Card also a Symbol of the Christ Principle - Birth of America the Birth of Woman's Freedom - The Important Part Woman is Playing in the Evolution of the Race - The Duty of the United States - Its Relations with Other Nations Prophesied in the Cards - Physical divisions of the Country, Number of States, Executive, Judiciary and Legislative Branches Seen and Read in the Cards - Even the District of Columbia Symbolized by One of the Cards - Vision of an International Flag.
Chapter XI
The Grand Archetypal Man -
The Four Suits Co-ordinate with the Four Elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water - Growth and Development of Our Bodies Shown to be the Result of Planetary Influence - By the Chart Every One Can See the Nature of His Cross - It is a Picture of the Masonic Grand Lodge or King Solomon's Temple - The Candidate is Symbolized by the Jack of Diamonds in the Sign Libra, Quarter of Wealth - The Tramp and the Millionaire - The Kidneys Brains of Sexation - The Two Pillars of the Temple.
Chapter XII
Jack of Spades, Sign Capricorn, Quarter of Death -
The Candidate has Lost His Perfection - Learns the Lesson of Compensation - The Scapegoat - It is in this Quarter the Soul Meets and Overcomes Death.
Chapter XIII
Jack of Hearts in Quarter of Love, Sign Aries -
The Candidate is Still Imperfect - Having Overcome Death He is now Taught the Lesson of the Evergreen Leaf - He learns to Walk with God - The Debris of Solomon's Temple, Human Thought - The Discovery and Raising of the Grand Master by the Candidate Himself - The Three "J"s.
Chapter XIV
Jack of Clubs, Quarter of Wisdom, Sign Cancer -
The Candidate Takes the Degree of Perfection and is Crowned with Life Everlasting - The True Lesson of the Cable Tow is Revealed - The Legend of Osiris and Isis - The Zodiacal Sign of the Crab (Cancer) a Symbol Teaching the Same Lesson as the Cable Tow - The Candidate Soul Discovers and Lays Hold of His Own Heart - He Becomes the Word - An Ancient Badge of a Free and Accepted Mason.
Chapter XV
A Brief Glimpse at the Esoteric Meaning of the Signs of the Zodiac -
Aries, the Head, Signifies Strategy, Service and Soul Power; Also the Christ Principle - Cancer, the Breasts, Concentration, Service and Christ - Libra, the Reins, Teach Self Judgment, Service of an Unpleasant Nature - To Lose the Power of One's Kidneys is to Lose One's Life - Why a Mason Should Protect His Kidneys - Capricorn, the Knees, Symbol of Reflection, Introspection - A Symbol of the Committee of Investigation - The Four Mental Signs, Homes of the Four Knaves, Combine to Make True Birthplaces for the Only Divine Calling that of the Lawyer.
Chapter XVI
A Kabalistic Chart -
Geometry and Masonry Synonymous - The Tarot - Evolution and War - Faith the Foundation of All Endeavor - The Heart a Picture of Love - Gold and God Polar Opposites - Hyram Abif and the Soul Shown to be One and the Same.
Chapter XVII
Gender in Vegetation -
The Wonderful Multiplying Powers of Cereals - The Vegetable Kingdom Expresses a Part of the Grand Word - Struggle and Strife Necessary to Growth - In the Animal World Only Does War Exist - When a Brain has been Evolved and Prepared, then the Soul Takes Possession - The Human Soul never Incarnated in Anything Less than the Human Animal - Names as Symbols - Names Like the Grand Word in Three Parts.
Chapter XVIII
The Four Great Emblems -
The Three Ruffians - Number Belongs to the Soul Realm and is Expressed in Color Only - Name is Characteristic of the Spirit Form - Owned by the World of Matter - The Esoteric Meaning of the Two Veils.
Chapter XIX
In His Image and Likeness
Atoms as Mirrors - Humanity Unconscious of Health, but Awake to Disease - The Human Family Covering the Surface of the Earth Likened Unto the Cuticle, or Skin, of the Individual - Each Individual Human a Center Creative, and the Entire Human Family the Circumference - Masonry Conceals Its Secrets from All Except the Adepts - Using False Explanations and Misinterpretations - Truth a Deadly Thing - Man in Constant Communion with God.
Chapter XX
Symbolism of the Nine Digits and Cipher - Why Our Mathematical System Includes Only Ten Characters - Why They are so Formed - A Defense of Lucifer - Why Masons Should Study Mathematics - Gender in Numbers - Every Breath We Breathe is Numbered, Gendered and Named - A Scientific Explanation of Blessing Food - A Basis for the Science of Astrology - Why Masons Should Study Chemistry, Music and Architecture - The Christian Cross Shown in a New Light - The Double Cross - Sealed by the Stars.
Chapter XXI
The Masonic Tiled Floor
The Surface of the Earth the Tiled Floor of the Universal Lodge - Each Atom of Matter a White or a Black Square - How the Tiled Floor Teaches the Lesson of Evolution - Suns Like Individuals, Have Their Polar Opposites - How the Square Becomes a Circle - A Mason's Every Thought is on the Square - Man a Creator of Life Within Himself - The Nature and Longevity of All Life Dependent Upon the Size of the Square Made by the Creating Soul, Whether It be a Square of the Universe or Only a Man's body - Five Points of Contact Illustrated by the Rose Croix.
Chapter XXII
Man Universal
Man's Mind is Everywhere - Possible for Clairvoyants to See the Same Person in Different Places at the Same Time - The Reader is Invited to try a Simple Experiment and Prove the Universality of His Own Mind - Mental Acrobatics - Memory a Faculty of the Mind, not of the Brain - Prophecy the Art of Reading the Mind - Matter a Vehicle of Mind - All Our Thoughts, Acts and Deeds, Now and Forever, Recorded in the Atomic World - A Stupendous Thought - A Glimpse at Our Own Future.
Chapter XXIII
The Lion's Grip
Misinterpretations by Masons of Their Symbols - The Lion's Grip Said to be a Relic of Sun Worship - The Three Ruffians Claimed to be the Three Winter Months - A Wide Guess at the Crux Ansata - Its True Meaning a Union of the Sexes - A Memento of the Phallic Religion Handed Down to Us - The Crux Ansata and the Figure Six Symbols of the Same Law - Why Woman Cannot be a Mason - The Entire Lesson of Masonry Taught in the Three First Degrees, Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master.
Chapter XXIV
The All-Seeing Eye
The Human Soul Born into Matter with the Five Senses Fully Developed for It - These are Its Working Tools - The Trestle Board of the Soul - The Soul Like Hiram Abif, a Skilled Workman Among Metals - No Sound Except Metallic Sound - Psychometry a Masonic Art - The Origin of Handshaking - Grips, Signs and Passwords May be Counterfeited, but the Law of the Soul is Unerring - The Intelligence of the Atom - The Importance of the Atom - Atoms Bear the Imprint and Name of the Form in Which They are Incorporated - We are Unconscious of Health, but Awaken to Hunger, Thirst, Disease and Pain - It was the Sinners Who Were Nearest Approached by Christ - Each Human Being an Atom in the Divine Anatomy - Humanity as a Whole Forms the Skin or Cuticle of the World - The World Itself but an Atom in the Universe of Worlds - Each Individual a Center and the Human Family Its Circumference - How Masonry Intentionally Misleads Its Members - The Truth is not for Those Who Would Misuse It - Truth a Deadly Thing - Man in Constant and Conscious Communion with God.
Chapter XXV
Practical Application of the Law
The Reader is Invited to Test the Truthfulness of the Statements Made in the Preceding Pages by a Joint Exercise of the Will and Breath - A Realization of Life.


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