Astro-Cards Reprint Book AR:9 Temple Lectures (Pt. 1 & 2)

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ar9To commemorate the 100 years from the founding of the Modern Temple of the Order of the Magi, this retypeset version of Olney H. Richmond's two book set (1892-1896, Olney H. Richmond; various lectures and articles) of his Temple Lectures are now made available. combined in one edition. Part 1: Religion of the Stars contains 19 Lectures and 4 Biographical Articles. Part 2: Evolutionism contains 16 Lectures plus all the illustrations as were given in the original.

Table of Contents

  • Publisher's Statement - Astro-Cards
  • Publisher's Preface by Iain McLaren-Owens
  • Part I: Religion of the Stars
  • TOC:
  • Lecture:
    • I Religion of the Stars
    • II Looking Backward
    • III Governing Forces
    • IV Astral Magnetism
    • V Vibrations
    • VI The Astral Body
    • VII The Soul of Man
    • VIII Differentiation
    • IX Evolution of Matter
    • X Evolution in General
    • XI Life Beginnings
    • XII Infinity
    • XIII Study of Infinity
    • XIV The Order of the Magi
    • XV What the Magi Teach
    • XVI Needs of Mankind
    • XVII Reincarnation
    • XVIII Astral Evolution
    • XIX Body and Soul
    • - Light for Terra
    • - Introduction to Part 2
  • Article:
    • I A Mysterious Tale
    • II Magnetism of Stars
    • III A Mystic Temple
    • IV Magical Wonders
    • - The Word 122
  • Lecture:
    • 1. Astronomy
    • 2. Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
    • 3. Mystic Philosophy
    • 4. Man & His Relation to the Universe
    • - Tribute to the Word
    • - Final Words
    • Decoding the Emblematic Magic Chart
  • Plate:
    • I Astropathy
    • II Magnetic Shields
    • III Planets and People
  • Part 2: Evolutionism
  • Publisher's Preface (2nd) by Iain McLaren-Owens
    • I Evolution of a System - From an Atomic Mass to Sun and Worlds
    • II Evolution of Our Earth - From a Ringed Sun to a World of Vegetation
    • III Earth's Evolution - From the Carboniferous Period to the Era of Man
    • IV The Age of Mammals - A Descent into the Rocky Strata of our Globe
    • V The Age of Reptiles - We Dive Still Deeper into the Earth
    • VI Through Coal and Fish - A Journey Through the Old Red Sand Stone
    • VII The Age of Mollusks - Down Through the Great Silurian
    • VIII The Dawn of Life - A Journey Through Fifty Thousand Feet of Rock
    • IX Evolution of Species - Examination of Existing Species under Development
    • X The Ascent of Man - The Development of Intelligence on Earth
    • XI Structural Development - Differentiation of Organs under Environment
    • XII Marvels of Life Forms - Strange and Wonderful Development of Life
    • XIII Progression Universal - Evolution of Fixed Principles Everywhere
    • XIV Beyond the Physical - The Astral Body, or Soul, a Higher Evolution
    • XV Onward and Upward - The Heaven of the Future, One of Advancement
    • XVI Concluding Remarks



Astrology / Cards : AR:9
ISBN: 978-1-885500-14-4
Published by Astro-Cards Enterprises


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