Astro-Cards Book PC:1 Personal Year Planetary Rulers and Cards Calendar

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The Magian Cardology Personal Calendar with All the Planetary & Cards System Rulers for the 52-Day & 28-Day Cycles & for the Weeks & Days of "Your" Year

pc1Your Personal, Days and Weeks Symbols, and 28-Day Cycles of Interactivity and 52-Day Cycles of Periodicity for your current year. Includes copies of the relevant Age Spread, current year's Circular Progressed Chart, and personal week-day Rulers Table. Additionally, there are 10 pages of explanatory text, and two Keyword Tables, for the Numbers, Suits, Planets and Cycles on the inside covers, and a Day-Card Calendar, with Zodiac Sign dates included, on the back cover.
These can be done any time of the year. But please note, unless a specific personal year is requested, the Calendars always run from the nearest birthday at the time of receiving the order. Incredible potential as a Card Journal with its spaces for notes and a blank back-side of each calendar page.
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Table of Contents

An Introduction to Your Personalized Magian Cardology Calendar
Age Spread
Progressed Chart
The Regular Year Calendar Week - Planets
(The Year in Monthly Tables, Personalized, including a column and space for notes)



Astrology / Cards : PC:1
© 1992 & 2005
Author : Iain McLaren-Owens
Published by Astro-Cards Enterprises


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