Astro-Cards CD/Charts SS:8PE/SS:8CD Magian Cardology Card Chart Tables - PDF/PDF on CD

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ss8cdThis is a must have for those that give readings. This will save you considerable time to access all the needed elements for a reading plus some handy keyword charts to aid your interpretations. This includes all that is in the Book form (SS:8BK) + complete Spreads Set and Index to assist in retrieval, but available on PDFs delivered via email or PDFs on CD.

Table of Contents

  • 0-MCT: Rulers
    • Table of Number Rulers
    • Table of Zodiacal Rulers
    • Table of Zodiacal Decan Rulers & Dates
    • Table of Dignities & Debilities - by Sign
    • Table of Dignities & Debilities - by Planet
  • 1-MCT: Intro
    • Acknowledgements
    • Day - Cards Calendar
    • Card Keywords Table
    • Suit Keywords Table
    • Planet Keywords Table
    • Preface
  • 2-MCT: Birth Chart Cards
    • Magian Cardology - Birth-Chart Cards
    • N/D/Birth/R/Z Cards - Life Spread Order
  • 3-8-MCT: Progressed Cards + Progressed Sun
    • Progressed Cards + Progressed Sun for all 52 Cards - Tables
    • 7-Year Age Cycle Cards by Suit - Tables
  • 9-19-MCT: Advanced Progressions + Age Cards
    • Advanced Progressed Year + Age Cards for all 52 Cards - Tables
    • 13-Year Age Cards by Suit -Tables
    • Magian Age Cards - 13-Year Cycles for all 52 Cards - Tables
  • 20-25-MCT: Solar Returns
    • Solar Returns for all 52 Cards - Tables
    • Environment Cards by Suit - Tables
  • 26-29-MCT: 52-Day & 28-day Annual Cycles Date Tables
    • Card Keywords for Days, Weeks, 28 & 52-Day Periods
    • Planet Keywords & for Days and Weeks
    • 52-Day Annual Cycle Dates or The Cycles of Periodicity by Month - Tables
    • 28-Day Annual Cycle Dates or The Cycles of Interactivity by Month - Tables
  • 30-MCT: Blank Master- Traditional x 52-Day
    • Birth / Current Year + 52-Day Blank
  • 31-MCT: Blank Master - Advanced x 28-Day
    • Birth / Current Year + 28-Day Blank
  • 32-MCT: Blank Master 3
    • Birth &/or Current Year + 52-Day & 28-Day Blank
  • Spreads Set
    • Pure Spread
    • Life Spread
    • Age Spreads



Astrology / Cards : SS:8CD
ISBN : 978-1-885500-23-6
© 2006
Author : Iain McLaren-Owens
Published by Astro-Cards Enterprises


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