Astro-Cards Digital Reprint PDF AR: 6PE and AR: 6CD Astrology and the Cards

[AR: 6PE] and [AR: 6CD] Astrology and the Cards ***Digital Only***    
ar6***Digital Only*** c. 1931 E. H. Bailey. Re-typeset edition of a rare 1931 publication on Astrological Cartomancy showing the Astrological and scientific basis of our regular Playing Cards. One of the first to equate the cards with astrological charts. Includes interpretations for the Suits, Cards, instructions on how to set up the Card Horoscope with additional directions. This has a unique Progressed Charts formula and is not directly compatible with our Card System but is great food for thought. This is available in PDF format, delivered by email or upon special request on CD. Ordering email delivery saves shipping and waiting time. This edition includes new graphics and an original graphic retouched as well as a new Publisher's Preface by Deborah Lowrey that discusses new information discovered about E. H. Bailey.
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Astrology / Cards : AR:6PE and AR:6CD
ISBN: 978-1-885500-08-3
Published by Astro-Cards Enterprises


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