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Our products listed below are .jpg charts (.png upon request) that can be snail mailed, downloaded or emailed. Most emails are restricted to a maximum of 1.5Mb so email may not always be an option available. These Charts include a personal consultation.

Don't forget to provide information regarding the first names, birthdates, your address as well as a mailing address and name if a gift, and any other information needed to process your report. Most of this can be sent via PayPal using the note option or you can email me personally to provide the needed information. Please allow a few days for availability due to every order is personally done by hand.

All Readings, Charts, and Reports are by donation; in person, mail, email and by download. To serve as a guide, most readings average $35 to $100. For orders that incur costs such as mailing, printing, etc., there will be minimum charges that would be required to process the order. Contact us if you require an order to be mailed or printed.

All Charts include information on your Natal Sun, Displaced, Replaced, Nadir (I.C.) and Zenith (Midheaven) for all your personal significators: Sun, 7 planets from Mercury to Neptune, Pluto, Bacchus, Vulcan, Moon and Earth. All Charts are available in color. A keyword .pdf document is included with the Chart as well as a personal consultation.

For a readable view, just click on the links or the thumbnails below.

Lover's Charts

The LV3 Chart includes all of the 13 Life Path Cards for you and your partner. Synastry, or the links, are included separately (not shown) to show you the TYPE of energy available in your relationship. In addition, the composite of both Cards provides information on HOW that energy can manifest.

LV3 ChartThumbnail LV3CHA

The LV5 is comprised of three separate charts that coordinate together for an intensive love reading. Included are both partners' 13 Life Path Cards and the D, R, N and Z Cards for the full Life Path. A third Chart shows the full composite of both person's charts and shows HOW the energy between you can manifest. Also included (not shown) is a Synastry sheet showing the links that represent the TYPE of energy you have available in your relationship.

LV5 1 ChartThumbnail LV5CHA1 LV5 2 ChartThumbnail LV5CHA2 LV5 Composite ChartThumbnail LV5CHAc
Destiny (Yearly) Charts

The Destiny Chart, also known as a Yearly Chart, shows the current Cards that influence your year. This Chart will help you to be aware of upcoming opportunities, avoid obstacles, understand different aspects of yourself and others and so much more.

DEST ChartThumbnail DEST Chart
Life Path Charts (Birth Charts)

Know what your birthday really means to you. Discover your life path. The LP5 includes the 13 Life Path Cards and the D, R, N and Z Cards for the Full Life Path.

LP5 ChartThumbnail LP5CHA
Single & Dating Flash Card Charts

Want the benefit of knowing who you're dating without a full Love Chart? Here's your answer. This easy to read composite chart also includes both Life Paths. A personal consultation is included that covers some of the more predominent synastry links between you.

Single & Dating Flash Card ChartThumbnail SDFCHA
Don't want to use PayPal?

Use our order form to order and pay or donate using check, money order or cashier's cheque. You can also wisit our order page for information to ask about our products with no obligation to buy.

Card Party

Do you live in the St. Louis Metropolitan or surrounding areas? Contact us to have a ! Call us to make an appointment. Please give in advanced the name and birth information for reports or charts.

Card Training Classes

Learn how to read the Sacred Cards. Beginning Classes now available for St. Louis, northern Jefferson Co., some Franklin and St. Charles Co. residents. Don't live in the area? Learn the Cards via email courses. or Contact us for more information.

Not sure which report, chart, or reading you need?

Write, email, or call me and together we'll find the report, chart, or reading that best suits your needs.

Shipping and handling for $0.01 to $9.99 $1, $10 to $49.99 $5, $50 to $99.99 $8, $100 to $199.99 $12, and over $200 is $16.

If within thirty days of using and studying the charts, you do not feel that you have improved your relationships and have not increased your self-awareness, there is a 100% money back guarantee (less S/H). Please provide a written letter of request and a copy of your receipt or Paypal transaction number.

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