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Divining Spirits
written by Deborah Lowrey

While doing some research for this subject I happened upon a few sites that strongly feel that Tarot and divination are evil. One went as far as saying they are Satan or Devil Worship. This is very simplistic thinking and clearly shows how NOT thinking can be so very dangerous. "Things" are not good or evil. Placing this upon an inanimate object is ludicrous. A card, piece of paper, bowl of water, wisp of smoke, dice, arithmetic, a book, etc., is not evil. Someone could take the life of another with a piece of paper. The paper is not the evil thing.

Nor can we place people into the category of evil based on experimenting or practicing with certain things. I absolutely stand against intentionally taking of a life, whether it be human, animal or plant. I hold sanctity for all life. Disregard for another life, be it taking it, destroying it, stealing it, or harming it in any way, is what is truly evil. And this is a whole other discussion left for a later time. I have digressed.

What many 'religious' people have is a tendency to think simplisticly - one sided. They hear someone tell them that this thing is evil and they believe it hook, line and sinker. They allow others to do their thinking for them. They condemn something that they have not studied, know little or nothing about and judge it. This is the definition of prejudice. Prejudging.

Some react out of fear. Fear of themselves not knowing, or fear of something new, or fear of change. They place this fear upon the subject of metaphysics without any understanding. There are religions that greatly believe in gifts of the spirit and these gifts are known by many names. But some place a line of ok-ness that they can practice their method but all others are evil doers.

Others may know some about metaphysics, but as in Lessons, they confuse the tools with the lesson. There is really nothing mysterious about divination. There really is no magic. The cards or methods used do not hold the key to the future. That is ever changing and developing and if we are growing as we should spiritually, we are conscious of this. The tools only help to serve as reminders that the answers are within us.

And the tool that we choose is a personal choice to aid us for our development and growth, and the tools will develop and in some cases be discarded for another or to reach the point that we do not need to rely on the 'tools' but learn to rely on what our God/Higher Power has given us.

Our future is not set in stone and anyone that tells you otherwise is lying. What I've found from all the methods I have studied is that they are awareness tools. They help us to remember that critical thinking is needed and necessary in our everyday lives. They help us to bring ourselves to a place of enlightenment and responsibility.

When I do a reading, I have cards or numbers or whatever method I am using. But they are not telling me, my spirit tells me. They serve as a focal point for me to access what Love is telling me inside and all around me. They are learning tools to learn about, develop and aid in my growth for Chi, spirituality, and using my sixth sense. Those that I have read for have felt, expressed the love and felt an opening up to Love during and after the readings. But it's really not the reading. I am listening to Love and bring love connections to myself and others. And this is what divination, tarot, other methods and tools are really all about. Opening up to Love.

But understand in everything in life, there is balance. There are those whose intentions are not for good and we should not discard ALL in the proverbial "throw the baby out with the bath-water". There are those that instead of making choices for themselves heavily rely on psychics, card readers, etc., to basically tell them what to do. This is also not good.

As in everything, things can be abused and twisted. But let us not discount all due to the acts of some. My personal guideline I use is this... Is this love? Non-love? Or Evil (lie)? There are those that know Love. There are far more others that do not know Love, yet also do not know malice. And then there are those that would oppose Love and intentionally do what is at their disposal to lie, cheat, destroy, maim and kill anything that remotely is Love.

Use your own judgment. Listen inside yourself, hear Love and what it brings to you to learn. Find the tools that work for you. What works for me or another, may not work for you. It may be something a little different or radically different, but respect the tools of others, for one day they may be instrumental to you. And even if not, if they bring Love, knowledge, insight and spiritual growth to another, then rejoice in that.

Though our paths may differ, may we someday meet upon the shores of Love.

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