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Self Care Assessment

This 17 question self evaluation is not one with scoring. This is meant as a self help tool to help you use critical thinking. The scoring is up to you. This is just another type of outlet to help you see yourself in honest perspective.

  1. Do you keep a diary or journal? How often do you devote to writing in it? Do you periodically re-read past entries?

  2. When writing in your diary or journal, do you ever use other techniques (such as cross-journaling, letter writing, gratitude journaling, creative expression, drawing and art, etc.)?

  3. Is exercise a regular part of your life? How often do you exercise? What exercises do you do? Do you exercise to the point of perspiration at least two times a week?

  4. Do you work full time or part time? Do you work more than 40 hours a week? Describe a typical week including your duties, time spent on each activity, etc. If you're a stay-at-home mom, that's a full time job too.

  5. Do you take breaks during the day? How much? If not, why? What is keeping you from taking a rest break?

  6. Are you getting any alone time? How much would you like? How much do you really get?

  7. Do you make time for friendship? How do you maintain your relationships or create new ones?

  8. Do you have one or more fun/relaxing activities to look forward to each day? Each week? What is fun or relaxing for you? How much time do you devote to have those activities in your life?

  9. How many hours of sleep do you get each night? Each week? Keep a journal for two weeks and record your actual sleeping times and patterns. Are you really getting seven to eight hours of sleep most nights of the week?

  10. Do you get out into the sun or get some fresh air at least 15 minutes every day? When?

  11. How many cups of coffee, tea or cola do you drink each day? How many alcoholic beverages do you drink each day? How many cigarettes do you smoke each day?

  12. Are you dieting? Or are you focused on healthy eating (3 wholesome meals with up to 2 light snacks)? Even if you have off days, if you are still focused on a balanced healthy diet, answer yes.

  13. Do you have rituals in your life? Rituals are valuable tools to help us practice to get perspective, rise above daily routine and remember the bigger picture or things that we are working on. What are your rituals? What rituals would you like to add to your life?

  14. Is prayer, meditation, critical thinking and/or reflection a part of your daily life? Each week?

  15. How much TV do you watch each day? Each week? How much news do you watch? Are you making conscious choices or being a mindless couch potato? How much of your life is avoided, tasks left undone because of the amount of time devoted to watching TV?

  16. When you've had a hard day and you feel hurt, angry, or some kind of emotional pain, how do you comfort and heal yourself? Is it difficult to relax and let go? Is it important to hold on to the hurt, anger or emotional pain? Why or why not?

  17. Do you self talk? What does your inner voice sound like? Are you critical? Fearful? Angry? Negative? How often do you hear your inner voice? Are you compassionate when you talk with yourself?

    A wise old Native American was once asked to explain the nature of inner conflicts that we all experience. He stated "There are two sides inside of all of us. Just like two dogs. One dog is nice and kind. The other dog is mean and cruel. The mean dog is always fighting against the kind dog." Then the wise old sage was asked, "Which dog wins?" The sage replied, "The one I feed the most." Which one do you feed the most? Keep a journal for at least one day. Keep track of your negative and positive thoughts.

If you found this evaluation fun or helpful let us know. As always, our company strives to provide you a variety of ways to help you achieve your personal happiness for yourself and/or in your relationships. Please feel free to contact us at if you have a self-evaluation you would like to see added to this site.

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