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The Suits of the Sacred Cards
* An Introduction for Beginning Classes
written by Deborah Lowrey
Hearts - "I want to (love) be loved"

They are the children and youths of the cards. They tend to act and look young and many have a round or boyish/girlish face. They represent childhood, spring and new beginnings. Hearts are important as they are learning about and reminding us of beginnings, home, friendship, connection and family.

Their call to find love beckons them to find themselves and learn in their associations and relationships. Hearts have a burning devotion that leads them to do acts of love such as sacrifice for the world, their country, their family, a cause or a friend. Hearts, at some point in their life, have a major focus of either having or working with children and/or having romance in their life.

They tend to work in areas of or dealing with the arts, hospitality, music, poetry, and beauty. Hearts are here to learn about self-esteem, creativity, about love including partnership and parenthood, and how love affects them and how to love and relate to others.

A Heart's greatest gift to us is acceptance. On the low side, they will take away acceptance to punish or control us by refusing to acknowledge or speak to us. The high-side Heart is kind, affectionate, friendly, entertaining and receptive. The low-side Heart is selfish, greedy, self-indulgent, self-serving, flirtatious and promiscuous. It is believed that many who abuse children are Hearts (but understand that does not mean that all Hearts abuse children).

Hearts are essential for our world for they are those who bring about beginnings, remind us of the importance of love in our life, the need for delight, laughter, and play in all our days, and our desire to be connected and loved.

Clubs - "I want to seek and learn"

They are the school-age children, teenagers and college students of the cards. They are youthful, creative, energetic and animated. Clubs represent summer, our formative years of learning, searching and even partying. They are about the mind, intelligence, educational interests, communication, thought, curiosity and knowledge.

They are our "Devil's Advocates". They tend to instigate arguments, disputes, debates and sometimes fights. Clubs tend to be found in occupations dealing with legal matters, literature, journalism, education, writing and investigation.

The high-side Club is brilliant, well informed, a confident, mentally stimulating, charming, energetic, and dynamic. The low-side Club is aggressive, unreliable, craftily dishonest, quarrelsome, manipulative, and negative. The low-side Club tends to be pessimistic, some to a high extreme and may tend to twist facts and truths so as to hurt or manipulate others. Another possible low-side characteristic is the 'party all the time' syndrome, but expressing on the high side may mean they are an incredible host/hostess.

All Clubs have a mental 'alternate reality'. Their reality tends to change moment by moment (because they are always thinking, updating, and assessing all mental processes), which can bring frustration or confusion to others. A Club's reality is what they think, and studies suggest that every day, each of us has an average of 70,000 thoughts a day. That could drive some people crazy or leave them quite perplexed.

Clubs are essential for our world for they are those who bring about the hunger for knowledge, energy to strive for truth and facts, to deepen the search within ourselves and in how we relate to the world. They remind us of the importance of knowledge, communication (in all forms), education and facts. They show us the power of how our thoughts truly affect us and in turn, the world around us.

Diamonds - "I want to have (reap)"

They are the adults of the cards. They are looking to reap the harvest of their own sowing. Diamonds represent fall/autumn, our learning to make our way in the world, especially in finances and values. I once heard Diamonds explained as "all things needful, both spiritual and material".

Diamonds are the workers and sowers of the cards. Diamonds do not like to be treated like children, for they are not.

Diamonds tend to be in occupations such as merchants, manufacturers, salesmen, and owners/operators of big business; including bankers, investors, brokers, and producers. Diamonds are also big spenders. They tend to be particular about having high quality, yet they may be frugal, but they will get the most out of their money when they spend. And spend they do.

The high-side Diamond is generous, philanthropic, loves to provide solutions for win-win situations, and be a strong and good power in their community. The low-side Diamond is materialistic, miserly, willing to cause hardship for profit. (Think Ebenezer Scrooge).

Diamonds are essential for our world for they are those that bring about commerce, learning about how to make a living in our world, and remind us the true value of all that is around us. They show us the importance of our developing ourselves spiritually and mundanely, about balance, and how all this affects and changes our world entire.

Spades - "I want to be and to know"

They are the wise old ones of the cards. They are about labor and wisdom. Spades are the least understood of the cards. They represent winter, our duality of death and rebirth. They have a path to destroy whatever would hinder the growth of the soul, even if the costs are pain, sorrow, and loss.

A Spades journey is not an easy one. It can be marked by loss and heartache if their spiritual call goes unheeded. This call to their spiritual path is essential to remind them to make way for the new, for development, growth and progress for all of humanity not for their personal gain. Theirs is a life for all, not for one or personal agendas.

A Spades' true power is willpower. Spades learn about true growing pains and how letting go enables the better things to have an opening to come into their lives. Spades tend to be in occupations such as physicians, nurses, institutes or areas of healing (physical, mental, spiritual), prison guards, caretakers, and mystics.

The high-side Spade is self-disciplined, a tireless worker who takes great pride in their work, a great provider of wisdom and strength, a way-shower of spiritual development for all of humanity, and a healer in many fashions. The low-side Spade may be stuck in a rut of poverty, slavery and/or confinement, be bigoted, ruthless, a relentless disciplinarian, abusive in their power of willpower to bend others to their will, and will have many power struggles until they deal with their true problem of inner struggle with themselves.

Spades are essential for our world for they are those that most represent our souls, of the need to strive to develop past our five-sensory world into a dynamic spirituality (multi-sensory). They show us the importance of embracing our spirituality, to find that external power is nothing but illusion and the true power is within ourselves from Love, to share our wisdom, to bring ourselves to our ultimate expression of our true being, and be one with Source (Love).

See another article regarding the Significant Symbols of the Sacred Cards; an introduction to the Cards from the beginning classes.

* Interested in the classes? Beginning classes are now forming for local and email groups. or contact us for more information.

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