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The Planets of the Sacred Cards
* An Introduction for Beginning Classes
written by Deborah Lowrey

The most important card is the Birth Card, also known as our Sun Card. This is the symbol of our Soul's identity in this current lifetime. This card tells us why it is important that we are here, and how we may bring Love to complete fruition in our lives and in our world. This card is the "what" of our life. It symbolizes our basic individuality, will power, vitality and purpose. It also serves as a reminder that our physical world and being is merely a vehicle to develop and grow beyond the mundane five-sensory world. We, in this life, are a composite of the physical 5-senses and the spiritual multi-senses, and our Sun is representative of both worlds.


Mercury represents our mind and mental processes. Mercury is mostly an inner function. This includes, but not limited to, reason, analytical ability, intelligence, resourcefulness, communication, expression, versatility, adaptability, discrimination, and efficiency. Mercury can take on a role of a mediator, translator or communicator. Ultimately, Mercury needs to outwardly express its inner workings to achieve best results.


Venus, we all know, is the goddess of love. This is a feminine energy in it is naturally receptive, nurturing and sharing. This planet represents women, beauty in all forms, artistic and musical ability, gentleness, courtesy, sociability, cooperation and awareness in regards to relationships, love, harmony, appreciation, charm and an impulse and need to connect. Venus also likes to have friends and fun.


Mars is a planet of action and doing. No place for couch potatoes here. This is an energy that is about constant expression and action. This masculine energy represents physical energy and activity, initiative, aggressiveness, courage, vitality (mostly physical), independence, enthusiasm, boldness, devotion to a task, pride, an urge to accomplish or build, frankness, determination and assertiveness. It can express in passion, sex, or doing activities in partnership. In Venus, the focus is the partnership, in Mars, the focus is the activity done together. Mars gets things done. Talking about something is useless, doing something is what is called for. In Mars, war will be waged; self-mastery is either accomplished and done or we will be in constant struggle and battle with our self at the hand of our own weapons.


Jupiter is also known as the Great Benefic. This planet is usually only seen as good, but as with all the Cards, all the Planets, and with inner inspection of our Self, we know that there is a low/high, and light/dark potential to all things. Believe it or not, we have the choice to accept the good as well as the bad. Jupiter represents talents, gifts, skills, assets, opportunities, promotion of Self, professions and business, a higher vibration of enthusiasm, generosity, expansion, open-mindedness, optimism, idealism, understanding, vision of the past, present, and potential future, confidence, our innate potential to receive (or spend), the Law of Justice, and the desire for success (for Self and universally for all).


Saturn gets a bad rap as being a 'bad' or 'negative' planet. It only seems that way when we are resisting the learning that we should be doing. I've had the fortune of having a best friend, who is my Saturn Card. She has been spiritually evolved for some time, long before I 'got it'. A lot of Saturn's do use the words "should" and "should not". She never has. She acted as a living example of what I would receive if I learned my lesson. It was far more potent and helpful than if she'd said 'you should do this'. Saturn is our teacher and tester with the call for us to learn to get rid of the useless crap that's taking up space in our life. It teaches us about duty, obligation, responsibility, caution, to pay attention to detail, sensitivity, punctuality, self-observation, self-discipline, understanding of structure and how we operate or interrelate with and within structure, endurance, compassion, sincerity, patience, diplomacy and more. Saturn tells us we have to grow up and many think that means that all the fun is over. Not true. My friend and I have a lot of fun, even as I learn. It's all about attitude and your willingness to get rid of the crap and learn the lessons needed to bring happiness into your life.


Uranus is a higher vibration of Mercury but in a very expanded sense. This is about universal, all the world, all things, humanitarian and beyond. Uranus represents our higher mind and consciousness, inspiration, ESP and psychic ability, scientific approach to tasks, independence, innovation, ability to change and adapt, the bringer of equilibrium after turmoil or confusion, the melding of thinking and intuition to act in concert, the unexpected, the occult, mental group or labor relations, eccentricity most often felt as people don't understand where you're coming from, the bringer of the new, efficient, and helpful in the mundane but especially in a spiritual sense. This is the planet of evolution and the call forward for the good for all. This is the planet of unconditional love and the expansion of all that entails.


When you see this planet you can't miss the large rosy-colored glasses. Neptune isn't all about being out of touch with reality, though on the low side, that's what happens. Neptune also expresses as sensitivity especially in psychic ability such as psychism or mysticism. It represents responsiveness, subtlety, sympathy, ability to inspire, ability to see beyond the "obvious" into the true nature of a thing or situation, imagination, fantasy, spirituality, higher love, illusion, utopian ideals, travel, commitments, creativity, musical talent, abstract reasoning, psychological states, dreams, hopes, wishes, drugs, water, impressionability, and group feelings. But in the case of the rose-colored glasses, it can also allow the truth to be clouded.


Pluto is a higher vibration of Mars. As with Mars, this is a call to action and doing. This planet brings a deeper cleansing and purification of Self, opening up our path to spiritual development by exposing the mundane tasks/obstacles that hinder this progress. This planet represents will power, candidness, zeal, capacity to allow ideas to ferment, higher spirituality, interest in group activities, personal group interactions and consciousness, understanding of the life and death cycle by dealing with our own deep personal challenges in these cycles, reflection of our power and the force of our nature, the principal way we seek to establish our worth in terms of material possessions and self-esteem, power without ego, awareness, and transformation.


Bacchus is a higher vibration of Jupiter. It represents higher wisdom, our challenge to overcome our self-imposed inhibitions that block success, utilization of our deeper inner Self and of the spiritual, transformative power that affects both worlds (mundane and spiritual), outer personal group interactions and consciousness, and rebirth.


Vulcan is a higher vibration of Saturn. It, too, is our teacher but in a more spiritual and deeper sense. It represents the call to full individualization (mundane and spirit), "higher" tests, challenge to find personal uniqueness, challenge to overcome others' expectations or pressures to conform (such as home, parents, or society), and the calling to seek and find the things that block our self-realization of our 'soul purpose'. This planet gives us the question, "Am I to achieve Self Mastery and be all that I can be, benefitting myself and others, or will I bury or deny my multi-leveled skills and talents and deprive myself and others of the true blessings and teachings that I can bestow and present by just being me?"


Our Moon can be a very internalized planet. It rules the subconscious, emotion, feelings, our inner reflections, instinctive reactions, sense of security, comfort, and our home. It is also seen in our "vegetative" activities such as our hobbies or home-based activities and enjoyments. The moon represents personal sensitivity and our how our behavior can be shaped by our early life interactions especially in regards to the adults in our life.


This planet represents the ultimate outcome of our life plan. It's the end result and the 'one thing' (as was said in "City Slickers") we seek out of living this life. We express this as either positive or negative. This is also known as the Point of Transformation or Phoenix Card and reflects our life purpose and cumulative accomplishments. The basic bottom line of this Card is represented in the question, "Did I accomplish what I was here for or not?"

As you can basically see, with each planet we expand a little more beyond the last step. Love seeks not but to fulfill itself. Love continues to urge us to expand, to become and to love more and more. In this we learn that we each are valuable and loved and that we are not limited, but infinite in Love.

See another article regarding the Significant Symbols of the Sacred Cards; an introduction to the Cards from the beginning classes.

* Interested in the classes? Beginning classes are now forming for local and email groups. or contact us for more information.

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