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Significant Symbols of the Sacred Cards
* An Introduction for Beginning Classes
written by Deborah Lowrey
The Cards

We each have many cards that act as significant symbols of who we are. These cards will help us to bring a better understanding of who we are, what we want, why things are the way they are, where we want to be and how we relate, as well as, how others relate to and see us.

Birth Card

The most important card is the Birth Card. This is the symbol of our Soul's identity in this current lifetime. It is our Sun Card. This card tells us why it is important that we are here, and how we may bring Love to complete fruition in our lives and in our world. This card is the "what" of our life.

Life Expression (Planetary Ruling) Card

This is the next important card. This card tells us the "how" in which we express ourselves and "how" we bring life to the "what" of our Birth Card. This card is one that we have great influence over, sometimes unknowingly. We can exaggerate or minimize our acting out of this card. The Life Expression Card and our Birth Card are the two major cards that others can instantly see about us.

Displaced and Replaced Cards

Our first Direct Displaced Card, the Ascendant, is the third most important card. All of the Displaced and Replaced Cards reflect our gifts and the areas where we have life and spiritual growth and/or challenge. They represent different facets of our personality and make up, but are not as immediately apparent as the Birth and Life Expression Cards to others or sometimes even our selves. There are three sets of (2) Cards that bring more information into who we really are in a more detailed and three-dimensional way.

We have Displaced and Replaced Cards, also acting much as our Ascendant and Descendant (with a direct influence), and the Midheaven (Mc), our success externalized, and the Ic, our internal stability and 'safe place', known by some, as Karma Cousins, which are more subtle than the Direct Displaced and Replaced Cards, and Past-Life Cards. These influences are usually not readily seen by others at quick glance but are very great influences within ourselves and help attribute to some of the outward facets that others, over time, see within us. Many times, we can personally experience these cards with others having the card as their BC (or life path), with feelings or thoughts of "love-at-first-sight", kindred spirit, "I feel like I've known you all my life", soulmate, etc.

The first Direct Displaced Card describes our Inner Self, representing what we are called upon to give to and act upon and our spiritual answer to our "why". It is the source of hidden qualities that fulfill our inner soul's purpose and growth. It represents our inner core. This also represents our inner spiritual calling and helps us to understand the conversations of our inner voices within us. This card can be experienced as negative when we are not progressing as needed, but can be very positive when we are growing and come in contact with someone of the same Card, both people expressing in a high-side, spiritual level.

The Replaced Card describes our Outer Self and our innate gifts and abilities that we possess and have access to utilize. This is how people respond to or see us, how we relate and interact with others. This can be a positive experience, but can be negative if interacting with a person of this same Card, where one or both are not progressing or resisting their Inner and/or Outer Self progress.

If you noticed, all of Cards mentioned above do not work the same for all the Cards of the Deck. There are some exceptions. There are three Fixed Cards and four Semi-Fixed Cards. They work a little differently. We will explore these more in depth in a later lesson.

Relationship Emulation Card

This card is an optional identity for us. We may choose to emulate this card at any time in our life but is usually not a strong identity except for a few rare cases. This can be changed at will. Most of us will emulate this card in our love relationships, but there are some who learn that in different situations it seems to be or is beneficial regarding certain times, places or connections with others. Some have said that they express this card most when they are trying to impress someone, such as in the start of a new relationship.

Life Path Cards

These cards are more specific in describing us during specific stages in our life such as during the ages of 28-35 or 65-77. They also show us planetary influences, such as the Card in our Venus that will illuminate the area of our love life or in Neptune showing what we wish for or dream about as the intended cumulative effects throughout the course of our life.

Knowing all these cards can help us to see that we have a personalized and intimate relationship with Love and that we all have a specific purpose. With doing and being that purpose, we find Love, happiness, joy, our real dreams fulfilled and more. You may think that two people born on the same day would have the same life. Nope. They will have an incredible amount alike as that their Day Card (BC) is shared, but they will have different hour and minute Cards and each of us has the choice to choose what and when we will do what we do. Each of us has our own personal, uniquely made path with a different level of development, calling and vibration. This is an area that we will discuss in greater detail in a later lesson.

Other Cards

There are other cards that are minute cards, hour cards, daily cards, weekly cards, yearly and more. These cards will be discussed in the next series of lessons in the intermediate and advanced classes.

For This Lesson

For this lesson, most materials are optional. There are books and other tools that may (or may not) shorten your learning curve, but in the end, this course will go beyond the books and tools and show you the path in which you can continue to study the Cards on your own or with a group. The Cards have brought me, mine being the hardest card in the deck, much happiness, joy and Love. That is one reason why this course has come into existence.

I must strongly remind you that this is only a TOOL. This is not a substitute for spiritual growth. With this tool, it may help you to find your spiritual path, but your spirituality is your own inner and personal growth. This is not the only tool available. This may serve as a validation in connection with other tools and/or your own personal growth. I encourage you to find what you need, when you need it, to help you advance, strengthen, and find great joy in your personal love affair with Love.

Things you will need for this course:

Listening skills
Critical thinking skills
Pen or Pencil (colored are optional but some find helpful)
Willingness to learn
Be not afraid to ask questions (I really don't bite)

A new deck of playing cards, never used, has been found to be helpful to some, especially those that learn best visually or kinesthetically. This is optional, but later you will need a deck to continue into the intermediate and advanced levels.

On to the first lesson… What is my Birth Card?

* Interested in the classes? Beginning classes are now forming for local and email groups. or contact us for more information.

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