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This Thing Called Life
written by Jonathan A Baker

There is a certain solitude we experience as human beings that we cannot deny. No one can really know everything that goes on inside another person's mind. We can never really convey all of what's inside our minds to another. The best we can hope for is a few friends that accept us, agree with us for the most part, and understand some of the things we try to share, and who allow us to understand some of their thoughts as well. Some people get lucky, and in some undefinable way for some, a wonderful moment of clarity for others, are able to write a song, give a speech, write a book, or even portray a role in a movie or play in such a way that we are all given some common ground. Nothing joins us quite so well as a common purpose, or something that makes us feel that some thought we might have had maybe wasn't as crazy or abstract as we originally thought. We have all had a moment what we stopped and thought or said, "Hey! I had that same thought!" or "Yes. That is exactly what I meant." or felt, or said.

Humans are just like diamonds. Different sizes, colors, and grades. Values can change in our lifetime and go up or down. Some are just beautiful and used for decoration, some are used to power financial gain, some are just industrial and used for different aspects of work. A little chip of diamond that has little or no value as an investment, or too small to be of use in industry, can fill a heart forever when placed in a little metal band and given at the right time and in the right way. And the value can also change in regards to with whom it is used. But the point remains that they all have value, just like human beings.

We can feel closeness with someone who lived and died before we were born through words they left or from knowing their experiences. We can also stand next to someone in the flesh and never feel a thing. We do it all of the time. We get caught up in what we are doing in matters of culture and society and business, and don't take the time to assess the value that surrounds us. This is an amazing experience, this thing called life. Even when nothing is going on, it is still an amazing thing. All of the vibrating atoms and particles that are you, the electrical impulses that fire your heart and make your brain function, the way you draw in air and the molecules of oxygen transfer from your lungs into your blood and then feed the rest of your body and then the way that carbon dioxide leaves your body in gas form as you exhale, THAT ALONE IS AMAZING! Add to that, that people like Segovia, Shakespeare, Einstein, Julius Caesar, even The Beatles and whoever your favorite celebrity is, also share that with you. Neil Diamond once wrote a song (the title of which escapes me) that listed a whole lot of famous people, past and present, and then tied them all together by stating that they all "stared up in wonder at the same moon". We share so much and so little all at once.

Our lives have only the parameters that we enforce. Anything can be done. We can be as outrageous or as tame as we want to be. The key is the heart and the mind. As long as the heart is in the right place, the brain can go wherever it will. That is the true exploration of the universe. It is right inside your own mind. Explore it. Discover yourself and be that which you want to be. But bear in mind that we cannot be all things all at once or all things to all people, but we can be all we are and all we want to be.

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