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Love Tips for Our Love Relationships
Always greet them with a smile. Even if you're mad, smile. If you are angry with them, remember the reasons you love them, have ten seconds of silence, then if the time is right, calmly talk to them and explain how you feel nonjudgementally. If the time is not right, let them know that you need some time before you talk. Remember, this is the person you love, no need to inflict emotional wounds.

Tell them you love them. When you don't say it, show it in everything you do so that there is no question.

Think about the reasons you love them every day. Make at least one hour of time during your week to tell them all the ways you love, admire and appreciate them.

Look at them from across the room with your best 'goo-goo' eyes. Wink, and even flirt. Try baby talking. Even after you're married, the romance and dating should never leave the relationship. You love this person, celebrate it with them every chance you get.

If they ever ask why you love them, tell them a list. One or two things is a good start, but having a list lets them know that you think about them and your relationship and that both are important, nurtured, and loved.

Always greet one another with a hug or kiss or both when you've been separated. Instead of the quick kiss or hug, do it for 10 to 20 seconds. You'll feel the difference.

Give them a massage or draw a bubble bath. Or give a gift that is an interest of theirs. If they like gardening, give them a rose or flower (preferably a potted one so they can add it to their garden to grow and nurture), if he likes golf, get him some tees or golf balls, or a certificate for a day at the golf course. Be creative.

Have your own space and give them theirs. Be it time, place, an activity, etc. Kihlil Gibran said much with "let there be spaces in your togetherness". Let them know that they are loved and accepted for who they are and you love them for who they are, not who we expect them to be. Cherish the wonder of the individual that they are.

Create their "Perfect Day". Ask your partner what they envision a perfect day for them is like, then make it happen. Understand life doesn't always go as planned, but they'll know what you are doing in spite of any problems or disappointments. The whole idea is to let them know you listen, you care, and love them enough to try to make their dreams come true.

Create a "Lover's Day" or an "Insert-name-here Day". Have your own special holiday and make your own traditions. After all, holiday traditions were started as helpful reminders and ways to keep the holiday alive and celebrated. Having a "Lover's Day" is a wonderful helpful reminder and a way to keep the romance and love alive and celebrated within your relationship.

Never give out of obligation or make your partner give out of obligation. We're not at war, this is Love. Give and receive with an open heart. Take delight in surprises and find ways to surprise your partner. Be in Love with an open heart and open hands, not a strangle hold.

Give your partner the gift of your undivided attention. Turn off the TV, turn the ringers off on the phones, take a night off away from the kids and the neverending obligations that, in the end, are meaningless. Put aside the housework, working on a project to impress the boss, etc., for a day. Invest it in your relationship. Listen to them, really listen. Make note of their tone of voice, hear it's melody. Listen to each breath they take, hear every word, listen to what they are really saying. Look at their face, look into their eyes, see their lips move. Listen with silence in your head. Don't think about how you will respond, don't think of an excuse, don't think about the time they did this... Don't think. Just drinking in everything that they are doing and saying and listen with your heart and love them.

Shower your partner with love words. Tell them immediately when you are proud of them, when they have done something that has really touched your heart. Write them a poem or a love letter and set aside a surprise romantic evening to read it to them. Let them know that it is about them and dedicated to them and let them know that you are so glad that they are in your life.

Play a Love Treasure Hunt. Did you ever play a game when you were a kid to hide little notes to give you a clue to where the next spot to search was? We did and it was great fun. We would hide little prizes along the way until the last clue helped you find the one who was hiding all the little notes. Surprise your lover with being at the end of their hunt in something sexy and let them feel that there really is a treasure at the end of the rainbow. And this is a great help in getting back (or adding) some fun and laughter into your relationship.

Learn how to let go. Holding on to resentments destroys the intimacy in all relationships. Resolve to have resolution. And let go. Letting go is difficult, but think of it this way... A very large moving van has just pulled up outside your house. The driver is at the door and announces that everything you've ever wished and dreamed for is in his moving van, and everything's already been paid for. You look over your shoulder and realize that there is nothing but everything you have accumulated and carried with you your entire life. Crap is from the floor to the ceiling with only a narrow walkway to get through every room of the house. What do you do? Believe it or not, many tell the driver "no thank you", or say that they "have no room" and send him away. It's very comfortable to hold on to what you have, even if it no longer works or you really don't use or want it. But some of us learn that we must let go of those things that no longer work for us, or only worked for us once, and clear the house out and have the driver bring in the new and wonderful things we've always desired, wanted and needed. Learn to let go and this will help you to clear the garbage and baggage of not just your home, but your heart and bring life to you and your relationships.

Great relationships are worth the time and effort. Take time and make the effort.

In spite of having many bad relationships, a great relationship is possible. It starts with you. As the tired saying goes, "It takes two to tango". I don't know who authored that but it sums up the reality in our relationships, it takes two. Examine what you bring to the relationship, recognize and do something about the old relationship patterns that keep you from attaining and/or maintaining a loving relationship.

A relationship is just like any other being, it needs love, caring, nurturing, space, and time.

You don't have to have a marriage or relationship like Mom and Dad's. It's your relationship. You don't have to have the white picket fence with 2.3 children and 1.9 pets. It's a personal love relationship, make your own relationship in what nurtures both of you. Make your own traditions, celebrate your life, the life of your partner and the life you share in your relationship in a personal and loving way.
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