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Honey, we all know, is a sweetener. It's great in tea, hot cereals and many more uses in the kitchen. But honey is also valued for its many healing properties.

For those with stress or weakened by illness, honey can help replenish energy, improve stamina and strength, calm the mind and body, and promote sleeping.
Its been known to relieve indigestion and some doctors recommend honey for their patients with cardiovascular disease and respiratory problems.
Honey can also be used for chapped lips. It moistens your lips and is a wonderful treat for the one who loves you.
Honey has been used by many mothers for decades to help with sore throats, but also helps to dissolve mucus and loosen phlegm. Right before a singing engagement, my brother and I used to drink warm tea with honey to clear our throat, improve singing and musical range. It worked every time.
Honey also helps those with hayfever and some air-borne allergies. When you use honey that is collected from your area, usually best within 50 miles from your residence, it can help your immune system to build a better resistance (due to its desensitizing effect) to many air-borne pollen allergies.
For those times that you are not close to a medical facility or doctor and have a bad cut that would require stitches, honey is a wonderful first aid must. Clean area with at least water if available, pat dry, then put honey generously on wound. Wrap with an ace bandage or gauze or fabric so that you make a nice wrap suture. Honey will help prevent infection in the area. It also helps extract water from the wound area which could be a breeding ground for bacteria and disinfects too. It moistens the skin, helps promote healing and minimizes scarring. This will tide you over until you can reach medical help. I've used this for years and it helps tremendously. It works just as wonderfully for minor cuts and scrapes. Ask your primary physician about emergency first aid tips and other helpful items around the house. That's how I found out about this use for honey.

Want a relaxing bath? Try out this recipe:

Mix two ounces of honey with 5 drops of lavender oil and add to your bath. This will help you relax and sleep, as well as moisten your skin.

Hair Conditioner

Mix one Tablespoon of honey and two teaspoons of olive oil. Warm (not too hot) the mixture and rub it into your hair. Dip a towel into hot water and wring it out completely and wrap around your head. Let set for at least twenty minutes. Now shampoo, lathering well, as you would usually.

Moisturizing Facial

Add one Tablespoon of Honey with one mashed banana. Cover your face with the mixture. Keep on for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water to remove.

Make children sleepy and help prevent bedwetting...

Give your child a teaspoon of honey about an hour before bedtime. This acts as a sedative and will attract and hold fluid in a child's body while they sleep. Honey should NOT be given to infants under the age of one.

It is not recommended by many doctors to give children, age one or younger, honey. Other doctors recommend that only pasteurized honey be given to infants. Honey contains a bacteria that can be dangerous to infants (but harmless to adults and older children) so check with your pediatrician first.

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