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Destiny Cards

Your birthday can reveal priceless information about your life. It's very similar to the Love Sacred Cards except it shows you about your relationship with yourself. It helps you to understand that how you see yourself is not exactly how others see you. It helps you to understand why you do the things you do. You also have the opportunity to learn what each year holds in store for you. You don't have to let once-in-a-lifetime opportunities slip by you. I don't believe that your destiny is written in stone. I believe that we create our own path and destiny.

But there are opportunities that come about because of the path we have made before us. If you tell your best friend that you just bought a new swimsuit and swimming cap, why would you be surprised that they offer an invitation to a pool party? Learn to improve your life and take hold of all the wonder of each step of the path YOU have made for yourself.

With the Sacred Cards each card as a positive/strength side and a challenge/weakness side. If you are aware of situations beforehand, you can reach to attain the best for you and your future. Find out about your health, career, quick money-making opportunities, love, what you are looking for in relationships, who you are attracted to, upcoming blessings, and your dreams and fantasies for the year and in life.

The Sacred Cards

The Sacred Cards are a mixture of astrology, numerology and human study. They were around during Ancient Egyptian times and for some time before. They have been handed down for generations, kept secret so that they may be presented to a generation that could use the power of Love, enlightenment and transformation and truly effect the world in a positive way.

Whether this history is myth or truth really doesn't matter. It, at least, is one thing that holds hope. For all the crime, divorce, terrorism, hate, greed and other perversions of true human values that we see, hear and experience around us, there are those with beliefs, that remind us that we can truly have the opportunity to change, grow and become enlightened. There are other beliefs and tools available to us, but it is truly humanity becoming enlightened that is the ultimate hope for us all. Humanity's greatest moment will be our homecoming, a return to Love.

Why should I bother?

You don't have to. Why would I say that? Because, in a nutshell, you make the choices for your life. It's all up to you in how your life unfolds. YOU create your own destiny. I'm offering a tool that has brought Love and Happiness to my life. I'm a Three of Diamonds, reportedly the hardest card of the deck in which Love and Happiness are difficult to ever attain. I stumbled onto this Card System completely by accident and really tried to debunk it. But I found that the more I studied and learn the more accurate and meaningful they were for me.

If it hadn't been for the Cards I would not have the depth of Love in my life, or the Love relationship with my partner, my Zenith Card (Camp's Karma Cousin), Steve. I would have missed out on the opportunity to have a self aware partner who has brought much love, healing and growth to my life and would have greatly missed out on much personal and spiritual Self growth.

The choice is yours. If something else works for you, use it. It's never about how something's done, or what tools you use. It's always been about embracing and having a personal relationship with Love.

This site is all about a personal invitation from me to you to join in the kairos moment of walking with me a while on my personal journey of love, life and awareness. If you have your own personal journey or insight to share, please and I would love to connect with you.

How can I learn more?

Get a little more information about the Sacred Cards by visiting our newsletter that has two articles from our Beginning Classes.

Interested in the classes to learn how to read the Cards yourself? Beginning classes are now forming for local and email groups. or contact us for more information.

And as always, I am always happy to talk or email with you for any questions you may have.

Tap into your inner power to transform your life and relationships!

See an example of the Love Cards with a real couple.

Get your own Destiny Card reading.

Get your own Love Card reading.

Find out what other Products and Services we provide to help you.

Download Free Stuff that includes cartomancy information. These are great for a beginning introduction to the Sacred Cards.

See the Life Spread that the Sacred Cards are based upon.

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