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Some Personal Dating Experiences
by Deborah Lowrey

I had purchased a one year membership with a dating service. LOL! Let's see...

A guy, with the same birthday, just had to meet me and wanted to take me to a "wonderful dinner place" or at least that is what he considered Long John Silver's. Problem number one.

It was very windy outside and as we were walking to the restaurant doors, the wind shifted his toupee (nevermind how he had profusely said how thankful he was to have all his hair unlike most men). It wasn't about the hair, it was about the lack of honesty. Problem number two.

He went first in line and got his food. By the time I had ordered mine, he was walking to a table with his food and the cashier told me the total and it was the amount for BOTH of our meals. Problem number three.

During the meal he talked on and on about himself and how important he was, how much money he made and about everything EXCEPT anything of value or importance. He stated at one point that the man was the most important thing in a relationship. The man had all the responsibilities and all the woman had to do was take care of her 'man' in whatever way he needed. Problem number four.

I asked to be taken home. He whined and complained. Then he tried to bribe me. Then it turned to insulting me. Now I was very unhappy. Problem number five.

He reluctantly takes me home. I was worried that he would want to kiss me goodnight. Not to worry. This man proceeds to grab both of my breasts. I'm pissed and send him home. Big problem number six.

He actually called me a couple weeks later and really could not understand why I didn't want to go out again. Hello?!?

Another man, whom my friend, tongue-in-cheek, nicknamed him Shiny-heimer (there's a cute story to the appropriateness of that name, but alas, no names are given to protect the, well...).

Shiny-heimer seemed professional, clean cut, a well-to-do business man with a certain charm. He was wonderful to talk to. Until he turned the subject to relationships, marriage, and kids. In that order.

In a nutshell, Shiny-heimer's idea of a relationship was if he could stand to look at her, she'll do. In marriage, all she had to do was give up all friends, all relationships, any possibility of working again, and be completely dedicated to him. He wanted a minimum of four kids.

But Shiny-heimer had really given some hard thought to this and didn't want the "poor wife" to have to bear four separate labor pains. His solution?

Fertility drugs and have her pop 'em out all at once. His words.

I gasped. Took a breath and then tried to explain to him the risks of taking those drugs to both mother and child(ren). He wouldn't hear of it. He had his life completely mapped out and all he had to do was add the instant wife and HE was happy.

Shiny-heimer couldn't see that he never even considered that other person was, well, a human being with wants, desires, life, breath...

I always called my grandmother when I got home from another dating experience. Each time she laughed so hard she was unintelligible. You could feel the pain of the laughter, hear her gasp for breath, and she was crying in sheer delight in the telling of my date. I am all but rolling on the floor. Tears are streaming down my face and I'm really hurting. She tries to stop and now laughs even harder and of course, it's contagious. Not one understandable word was spoken by either of us for at least five minutes.

It's just a shame that a lot of dating comes to this or worse.

I have many more stories that I'll share with time. But things can get better... Self Preparation to Invite Your Soulmate into Your Life...

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