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A Letter From Owner

Welcome to K.A.R.M.A Resources. I hope that you enjoy your stay and come back often. This web site is dedicated to improving all that we do so that we can provide you with what you need to improve your life and relationships.

The purpose behind creating this site was in response to things in my life and information from others that were frustrated in their relationships; singles and long-time couples alike. Just look at the personals in any newspaper, on the web, or listen to the people around you in your daily life. Most of us don't understand why things are the way they are. Many wish things were different, but what can you do? I am single and things are rough out there. Mind games abound. People want relationships that work and they can understand. But is it really possible?

I accidentally discovered the Love Cards. In short, I must have ordered the wrong book or made a typo. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I looked at the cover of the book and was extremely skeptical. I could not believe the claims this book made could be true. I felt it was simply a great marketing ploy and a lot of hype. But I am a curious creature and decided to test it and prove it wrong and have it over and done with. But the more I delved into it, the more amazed I was. I realized that I had found a tool that helped me in my own self-development and helped me to understand those around me. I started to share my discovery with others and was amazed at their reactions. We could not get over the fact that this system was so accurate, helpful, and detailed.

I wished that I had had this information sooner. I could have avoided a lot of problems and situations in my life and relationships. One situation that I could have avoided was my membership to a dating service. I could have saved myself a lot of money and trouble. The only thing I got out of the experience was a lot of funny stories that had my grandmother and friends laughing till they cried. This is not how dating should be.

With the Love & Destiny Cards I have finally found the information that I need to better my life and dramatically improve my understanding of those around me. I am still amazed at how much information the Cards provide. And the peace and happiness that I have found because of this system is priceless.

I cannot begin to count how many times I have had people come to me after having their reading done and have said (over and over and over) how the Cards are so true or accurate or right on the head and more. One couple even told me that their Love Cards Reading saved their marriage. They decided to not follow up on the divorce and are still together at this time. The wife told me that when they sat down to read the Love Cards Report, it was the first time in years that they had really spoken to one another! I was so happy to see her so excited and smiling. And these people, and all people, are the reason that I provide this service. It is important to me to provide people the information and tools that they need to reach their personal happiness, within themselves and in all of their relationships.

If there is anything that I can provide to help you achieve your personal happiness for yourself or in your relationships, please feel free to contact me at and I will personally respond to all e-mails. And if you have some personal or funny dating/relationship stories to tell, please write us. If you wish for your correspondence to remain private, please indicate that in your e-mail and we will honor that.


Deborah Lowrey
K.A.R.M.A Resources

Within this site you will find:

Our resource center Inscape includes articles, resources, herbal helps, love tips, self evaluations, inspirational quotes and articles about the Sacred Cards and self help.

Destiny and Love Cards which includes our Love and Destiny Card Products and cartomancy information. Now really understand the dynamics between you and others.

Love and Dating Resources for our relationship needs. Team this with our Single and Dating Flash Cards, other card readings, self helps, or Card training and know more about yourself and your potential other. This section includes helpful relationship tips, talks about various aspects of relationships, helps to discover the relationship you've always dreamed of, a sharing of funny, romantic and inspiring stories of Love, lust, mayhem and more...

Free Stuff for everyone. You will also find a FREE Love Cards software download, send free electronic greeting cards (e-cards), free MP3s and much more.

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