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Do you know how to get the power to change your life? You can with KARMA.

What is KARMA? We've heard many different things. You reap what you sow. The Golden Rule. Something will come back to you many-fold. And we're sure we could come up with quite a few more. But basically, self responsibility. What you do, what you say, everything has a price. Every action has a reaction. Life is about balance. If we feed our computer a lot of garbage, don't think you're going to get back any information that has any value. It's the same for our lives.

Knowledge. We would get absolutely nowhere without it. Without some kind of input, we can have no output. But knowledge can come from many sources and for many different reasons. We can have Life give us the boot in the butt and we hit rock bottom... and Life makes us choose, right there and now. It can come from an outside source just choosing to share some information for whatever reason. It may come as an inner ache within us that something is missing and causes us to seek knowledge. We all experience differently and at many different times and in many different ways. But knowledge is where true change starts.

Awareness. Knowledge without awareness is merely seed cast upon rock. We must know who we are. We must question, critically think, and act upon our questions, thoughts and the knowledge that we have gathered. And without self, we have no hope. For if we do not take responsibility for ourselves, to really know ourselves, then we have no control to change our life and we are to be damned to a living hell; Literally and figuratively.

Relationships. Do we really understand just how important they are? We meet people who can dramatically change our lives. I'm sure you can think of at least one person who profoundly changed your life for better or for worse. And our relationship to our self is no less impacting. Our love relationships, our self-relationship, our friends, our family, our coworkers, even our bosses or the guy that cut you off on the highway this morning. Everyone that you meet has some kind of impact on your life. We are all connected.

Motivation. Some refer to it as hope, encouragement or faith. These are the things that remind us that we can do something. We have the power within us. And we, at times, need these reminders to help us grow and become. They can be manifested as an inspirational quote that we relate with, a kind word from a friend or stranger, a shoulder to cry on when we needed it most, a smile and so much more. Motivation is a tenderness in connection or the swift kick from Life that we need to progress along our path. Love brings motivation into our lives to encourage us to move forward, out and upward.

Action is the last and greatest of all the KARMA elements. For without it, nothing would be set in motion. No change, no hope, no love, no real relationships, nothing. Without action, all is for naught. Knowledge would be useless, awareness would be absent, relationships would flounder and die, motivation would be an unheard voice, without action.

Karma is not an external, rather, it is the internal energy, from within our self, that sets into motion Love, Non-Love, and/or Anti-Love. We create our reality, our destiny, our self, and all our relationships. Come with us on a life journey of love, life and awareness. Learn about K.A.R.M.A and how it can help to transform your life!

Within this site you will find:

Our newsletter Inscape which includes articles, resources, herbal helps, love tips, self evaluations, inspirational quotes and articles about the Sacred Cards and self help.

Destiny and Love Sacred Cards which includes our Love and Destiny Sacred Card Products and cartomancy information. Now really understand the dynamics between you and others.

Love and Dating Resources for our relationship needs. Team this with our Single and Dating Flash Cards, other Card Readings, self helps, or Card training and know more about yourself and your potential other. This section includes helpful relationship tips, talks about various aspects of relationships, helps to discover the relationship you've always dreamed of, a sharing of funny, romantic and inspiring stories of Love, lust, mayhem and more...

Free Stuff for everyone. you will also find a free love cards software download, Mend The Marriage System, Nagano Lean Body Tonic, His Secret Obsession, Liv Pure, emily lark's back to life, The Smoothie Diet, Ikaria Lean Belly Juice, Sugar Defender, The Ex Factor Guide, Old School New Body by John Rowley, send free electronic greeting cards (e-cards), free MP3s and much more.

Music written, produced and recorded by Deborah R. Lowrey.

Products See how the Sacred Cards can help you. Sign up for training classes to learn for yourself or order a reading. Find out why people get excited and are amazed by this system.

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